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Patient Stories

That perfect wedding smile.

Sia believed that her front chipped and discoloured teeth were hindering her marriage prospects, and thus walked into our clinic. Our Cosmetic Expert took it up as a challenge. In just fifteen days, they gave her ceramic crowns that made her smile glow. Suitors instantly fell in love with her and our formerly worried Sia is now happily married and settled in the USA.

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Mr. Rajesh, director of a multinational company, is a frequent international flyer and a busy man. As it happened, Mr. Rajesh experienced excruciating pain in his molar tooth just a day before his flight. As we empathised with his predicament, our expert Endodotist ( root canal specialist) made it possible to get a root canal done and our in-house lab helped us fix it with a metal free crown in minimum time . A single sitting Root Canal Treatment, a treatment specially designed for the fast paced corporate lifestyle, took care of his pain and he could fly out the next day.

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Complete Denture delivered in 24 Hours

Mrs. Rane, 75 yrs old had an appointment for a denture fitting but fell critically ill and was advised bed rest. Our Denture Specialist visited her house and made sure she got fitting dentures. Normally a denture takes at least 10 15 days but our in house lab equips us to deliver them to our patients within 24 hrs! We understand the limitations of old age. If bedridden, we make home visits, if unwell, we adjust appointments to the patient’s convenience and if the patient is working, they are given our express service.

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In House lab makes it quick.

Mr. Sharma, a 40yrs old expat in Dubai, had a Dental Treatment in Benaras that went horribly wrong. The prosthetic bridges on both sides of his jaw turned out to be shoddy. He was in so much pain and discomfort that he could barely chew.

He had to return to Dubai but the pain in his jaw was giving him nightmares.

A helpless and bewildered Mr. Sharma found us through Google and got in touch. Once he was in Thane, we started his treatment immediately. Our Endodontist(Root Canal Specialist) provided him with new and well- fitting bridges in just four days. Now Mr. Sharma could chew without any pain or discomfort. His mouth felt normal again. He returned to Dubai stress free. Dentech’s in house lab, the only one in thane attached to a Dental clinic, made it possible in such a short duration. An in house lab decreases the report time to a minimum and makes things really easy for both the patients and the doctor.

When your dentures start feeling real.

Mr. Deshpande is a foodie but ill-- fitting dentures kept him away from his favourite food and crunchy munchies for twelve years. They also made him feel uncomfortable. Our expert Oral Surgeon recommended an Implant Supported Denture. He also explained the process in great detail to Mr. Deshpande who gave a go ahead to the procedure. An implant was surgically inserted into his jawbone successfully giving him teeth almost like real ones. Mr. Deshpande now sometimes even forgets that he is wearing dentures. And our satisfaction comes from the fact that a foodie got to enjoy his little treats.

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